6 Reasons Why I Love Super 8 Films

Film and photography technology is more advanced than ever before, but what if new and modern isn’t always best? Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love the amazing capabilities of my digital photography gear, which help me to capture those clear, vibrant, and high-res candid moments throughout your wedding day…but I also love the art form known as Super 8. 

Super 8 refers to Super 8mm film, which was originally created to shoot motion picture films. These cameras were introduced in 1965 by Kodak, with the aim of encouraging amateur filmmakers to make movies with an easy-to-use camera. Compared to previous motion picture cameras, which were complex and large (making them challenging for home filming), Super 8 cameras were a game-changer in their time. 

I love using a mix of photography and Super 8 films to capture romantic, soft clips of your big day alongside my editorial stills.

As a vintage-style wedding photographer, I’m always so excited when my clients decide to add Super 8 film to their ceremony and reception photography packages. Here are a few reasons why I adore Super 8 destination wedding videography in NYC (or anywhere else!).

1. Super 8 wedding film is ideal for storytelling

Your wedding is one of the most beautiful chapters of your love story. You’ve been planning the special moments of the day for months, but these fleeting hours go by so fast! This is why storytelling and narrative in wedding media is so important, since it allows you to relive those moments for years to come, looking back on your treasured photo albums. 

Using Super 8 film, we can capture those soft, grainy, vintage moments, almost like you’d imagine when you think of home movies your parents took back in the day. The raw beauty of Super 8 is so nostalgic and perfect for capturing all the special, fun, and sweet moments from your wedding – those sweet kisses, cherished hugs, and laughter on the dance floor all stitched together to create a beautiful montage of your wedding day. 

2. Super 8 cameras are part of history 

While I absolutely love digital photography, I also think it’s important to stay connected to the past. History is so important, even in the context of film, and I appreciate the need to stay grounded and connected to the older way of doing things. 

As a wedding photographer in NYC, I know that couples want a range of styles for their wedding media. I can incorporate Super 8 film into your day by simply switching between my two cameras, which creates a completely different look to my individual digital photos. Delivered via an online link or usb drive, a gorgeous Super 8 video of you and your beloved will quickly become a treasured heirloom with its signature historic, vintage style. I believe Super 8 films offer a timeless quality, as they really evoke in viewers a feeling of the past. 

3. I love and appreciate all things vintage

In a world where society constantly praises materialism and buying things new, I know that many of my couples value vintage goods. They’re better for the planet, often better quality than new products, and they have a meaningful connection to the past. 

This is one reason why Super 8 elopement videography is becoming more popular. If you’re an ethically minded couple who are already into upcycling and vintage aesthetics, it makes sense to include this side of yourselves on your big day with a stylized Super 8 wedding film. 

4. Super 8 wedding photos have a unique, dreamy edge

In contrast to digital photography, which helps us capture crisp, sharp edges and high-resolution photos that are perfect for print, Super 8 elopement films give us a different kind of aesthetic – one that’s full of character, with a nostalgic quality, artfully soft blur and vintage grain.

These magical photos are so dreamy. I feel the blurred elements of Super 8 leave the viewer to interpret part of the photograph themselves, which is a really unique quality. Super 8 works so well for candid, authentic photos, so it’s great for capturing those small, fleeting instances – the first dance, your arms around one another at sunset, the moment where your sisters first help you step into your dress. 

5. It’s a fun add-on to your standard wedding photos 

You may not want to capture your entire wedding with Super 8, as I know many couples value high-res printed images that they can gift to relatives, include in photo books, or frame to display in their home. However, Super 8 films are a great complement to your wedding photography package, and if you let me know when you’re booking with me that you would like to incorporate this medium, then we can make sure to plan your timeline to allow the additional clips to be captured alongside your digital stills.

I love seeing the happy expression on the faces of my wedding couples when I see their Super 8 film for the first time. You can easily store your film digitally or share over social media/email to wedding guests. 

6. It creates a stunning vibe of vintage glamor for destination weddings

Are you planning an incredible destination wedding (the California Coast, Bali, Paris)? If so, you know how important the destination is to your wedding day. 

As a photographer who offers Super 8 destination wedding film alongside my digital photography, I absolutely love the vintage style of super 8 for travel. The soft, authentic look really works when capturing the raw beauty and sense of adventure in a new landscape or place. 

If you love the idea of including some retro-style film into your wedding package, I’d be delighted to talk to you about Super 8 wedding films! Super 8 is a medium I really enjoy using, and it’s a beautiful way to add some edge and variety to your wedding day.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or elopement in NYC or beyond, I’m so excited to hear about your special day and your wedding vision!